Artist’s Statement

Understanding and appreciating art is a process of deconstructing. You divide and piece each component, information, and characteristic. And you interpret these details based on your significant human experience. As you do this, a new tidbit is thrown into the pile and the way you interpret a work now evolves. Like in a wheelbarrow, it is set to carry this pile of deconstructed art to its new adaptation, its new meaning— an unending process of constant change and creation. And that is how the works of Katrina are formed and how they evolve. Life, a paradox— its unending questions, its highs and lows, its logic and absurdity, its splendor and repulsiveness, its motion and stillness— influence her work. With every finished piece, she wants it to breathe as if it were happening and flourishing right in front of the viewer— its movement and depth, both speaking in the present.
As a Filipino self-taught artist from Manila, Philippines who is now based in Houston, Texas, working on a canvas brings out the diversity in her thoughts and experiences. Her interest in art started when she was still in elementary school, often drawing anime characters, until her curiosity in experimenting with other media and subjects evolved as she grew older. In 2008, she was introduced by a former colleague to the world of Philippine Contemporary Art and attended her first art show. She met artists and was exposed to the sublime talent around her. And that began an awakening; her journey into the art scene. From oil pastel, to watercolor, to charcoal, and finally to oil, where she has discovered the beauty of its vibrant texture, Katrina does not merely want to capture an image on her canvas; rather, with strong, thick strokes with her palette knife, she wants to imbue energy and emotions to her viewers. Aside from painting, she still often sketches with charcoal. She graduated with a degree in Communication from the Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines and recently studied Art History: Modern and Contemporary Art at the Glassell School of Art, Houston as part of her continuing education. Often, you would find her visiting museums and galleries around the world, basking in the glory of and seeking inspiration from the art masters. In the Philippines, she has joined group shows “Salo Salo Year-Ender Exhibit” and “Art in the Park Philippines” under J Studio Gallery, and “Art Rocks VI” (a benefit art show for the St. Luke’s Medical Center) under Boston Gallery. In the US, she was recently part of the Houston Art Crawl 2018 and was a finalist in the JoMar Visions Art Excellence Juried Art Show 2018 in Houston.
The strokes and breadth of her paintings illustrate how personal and expressionistic her outlook is. It is where her unspoken words are uttered, and where her deepest thoughts are woven.
As what the Father of Modern Sculpture and one of her favorite artists, Auguste Rodin, said, “Art is the most sublime mission of man, since it is the expression of thought seeking to understand the world, and to make it understood.”

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